The mud pack‘Members of a reclusive Amazonian tribe are ritually coated with a mysterious substance that rejuvenates them physically and spiritually. They alone knew of its potency, knew of its source…then a white man came amongst them.’

The Mud Pack – David Wilson
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About the Book

Carl returns to his family home in England, after spending almost 25 years of his life in the Amazonian rainforest. He brings back an ornately carved, dark wooden casket that contains an extraordinary substance.

On his deathbed he reveals all to his grandson, Richard (Ricky), who, despite warnings from Carl, uses the compound on two women.

After 24 hours the membrane is slowly peeled away and the astonishing results bring deep troubles and heartache, issues that Ricky has to deal with. An intriguing saga that reveals the depths human beings will descend to for the sake of greed, power and retribution. But love, tenderness and compassion also take the stage in this powerful,  romantic, and at times, erotic novel. 

About the Author

David  Wilson’s first book ‘The Big Walk’ was published in 2012, and is a true life account about his walk around England in 2009 for Cancer Research UK, after being diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer. The author recounts his experiences during the 5 month odyssey, portraying an England largely untrodden by busy lives.

As he walks memories of another era emerge: that of a child of the war years and of his early youth during the impoverished post-war period; events that are re-lived with a mixture of poignancy and humour. 

To find out more go to: www.davesbigwalk.com